Suede Loafer

Breaking the Stereotypes

The classics will always have a special spot in every man’s heart. With that being said; a specific shoe type is no longer reserved for a certain category. As 2019 has been making its way through to us with a bang; loafers are the new essential wardrobe addition for every man. The current fashion status suggests; every trend is considered fashion for all!


The ideal shoe as per the common definition refers to the shoe that possesses a few characteristics that include comfort, durability, feel of luxury, and most importantly; without compromising style. Be it leather, suede, plaid or even velvet; we assure you that a loafer is all you need. A man must feel like a million bucks in order to actually look the part!

The satisfaction of purchasing a neatly crafted pure black loafer with absolute minimal design is a feeling no other shoe can compare to. It goes with everything perfectly and provides you with the easy access of sliding them on so that you are never late no matter where you have to go!

Try pairing an exclusive handcrafted leather Loafer Significant with any outfit in your wardrobe. Guaranteed, you will not regret it!

Loafer Significant

Loafers; the Game-changer

Everyone wants to embrace the inner ‘man of a class apart’ persona embedded within themselves. With the flow of a constantly unsatisfied desire to spice up the verve with every step taken; comes the undoubted reliability of a handmade loafer to always fall through!

Loafers the Game-changer

If you want your shoes to speak at a frequency that leaves a mighty impression on the one in front of you; Soulle Signature has all you need to leave them speechless with the classic take on wrapping your feet in extravagance! As handcrafted loafers are always carved to utmost perfection with price and comfort on point; they have made their place to never let a single thing go wrong.

With our Loafers; let your shoes do the talking while you’re walking!

Loafer Unorthodox

This beauty in blue may not go with everything because of its bold color, but it surely will get you a lot of attention wherever you go!

It has the feel to it that automatically uplifts one’s personality in many different ways! With exquisite taste in the patterns and perfect intricate finishing; a handmade loafer is always the first preference for many. Wear it to a birthday party, an engagement dinner, or your parents’ 25th anniversary; with its quality to perform as the ideal all-rounder, make your investment worthwhile!

Check out our Loafer Unorthodox and add that missing piece to your outfit that you have longed for!

If you feel the need to change your game and would love to add an exclusively handcrafted pair of loafers to your wardrobe; check out our Loafers collection now!

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