Process of handcrafting shoes

History of Shoes


Simply put; Oxford’s are an embodiment of the shoes of the God’s. Everyone has heard one of the stories; here we are demonstrating two! Here at Soulle Signature, you will come across a pair that has the extra flair you need for the perfect gentleman, to complete your attire.


Long story short; these handmade leather masterpieces are snappy, waspy and classy; a much more comfortable alternative to the four-inch high heel ankle boots, also known as the ‘Oxonians’. Born from the acts of students that decided to choose what in their opinion was a greater form of comfort; today we have what is commonly known as the Oxfords, to add a dash of spice to our debonair white collar shirt and tie outfits. Others debate over the other story which states; the Oxford’s originated in Scotland. Then it earned the title ‘Balmorals’, after the famous Balmorals Castle. Although there is no evidence to support the authenticity of the story.


One may easily be mistaken by the minor detail differences between the Oxford and the Derby. But in this case, a little is what will take you a long way, and it is the ones who know those characteristics which earn them their golden stars. Soulle Signature intends to define the line that has been drawn and craft a beastly version for the timeless classic man.


The most trivialised handmade shoe crafted from leather; for all occasions in today’s day would have to be none other than the Derby, also known as the Gibson or Blucher. The history of the shoe dates back when the waterloo veteran general decided to commission it for military purposes. It earned its popularity later as the ideal hunting shoe for men after it was adopted by the urbane middle classes.


It has been said and done; that before you can pass a concluding statement on someone else’s appearance, you must first “walk a mile in their shoes.” You can tell how this shoe was invented based on its story. If you have heard the saying; “Behind every favorite song is a story untold”, the shoes catered by Soulle Signature each shine with enchantment; casting a spell through a story of their own. Soulle understands exactly what all you daily grinders want; and knows exactly how to provide the handmade leather shoes you crave for!


However, the loafer took its spot in the limelight for those who are headed for another day in the squirrel cage; after they were handmade from leather as per request of King Louis VI of England. They started off as a form of casual house slippers and evolved to achieve a rather semi-formal to formal position in the shoes department after lawyers and businessmen began to pair them with suits.


As similar as it can be to the Oxford; what differentiates the two is the top closure. Oxfords tend to have an eyelet closure at the top, whereas the monk strap is secured with the assistance of a wide swath leather; provided it has either a single or a double buckle at the top. Find your handmade leather Soulle-mate exclusively at Soulle, as each shoe brings a new meaning to perfection!


The shoe was born at the palms of real-life monks back in the 15th century. Familiarly, monks were known to wear handmade double strapped sandals; yet over the time they developed the need for a more practical shoe that offered protection, durability and comfort; hence the monk strap came into existence.


For those with a preferably modern wardrobe, this shoe will be an appropriate handmade addition to balance out most styles. However, amongst all the other types of shoes; these will be the most casual you will find here. At Soulle, we tailor the kind of handmade leather articles that prove where expectations have finally met reality!


If you’re familiar with the game of Polo and have a strong grasp on the concept of the seven-and-a-half time frame for each round called a “Chukkar”; then you know where the term Chukka” is driven from. Rumor has it that the Chukka is a subcreation of the Jodhpur boot that is worn whilst playing Polo; although there is no actual form of evidence to support this fact.

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