Handmade buffalo-skin suede Chelsea

Your Next Best Investment Featuring: Chelsea Caviar

Handmade buffalo-skin suede Chelsea

Fashion statements in 2019 were all a mix of risks combined with your favorite trustees to create the perfect ensemble no matter what the occasion or time of the year! With the year coming to an end, and all the magic awaiting us just around the corner; it is about time we all find our way back to where it all began and subtly cast a spell on everyone with the simplest yet chic looks ever!

Over the past few years Chelsea’s have become one of the most popular style amongst the ankle boots category. Their simple yet classic chic vibe have made it quite obvious as to why people prefer to wear them over any other design. With their extremely sleek finish and versatile persona; every man admits to already have a pair or is indeed on the hunt for a new one!

Handmade buffalo-skin suede Chelsea
What Makes
it A
Chelsea Boot?

A chelsea boot is known and designed to cover the ankles. It provides the wearer with an additional advantage of protection as well as durability; this explains why hikers, hunters, and horse riders opt for shoes of or similar to ankle boots. What truly makes a boot a chelsea is the elasticated sides that make them more easily accessible every time one tries to slide their feet in.

However, a fun fact about the Chelsea is the chances of one to see it with anything other than a round toe is highly rare. Some designs have been modified with a pointed toe to cater to a different appearance overall. Lastly, most boots feature a convenient tab on the back to pull up the shoe with ease without deforming the shoe.



A vision in black handcrafted to perfection using 100% original buffalo skin suede.

Rubber Sole

The rubber sole on our Chelsea was added to increase traction; making it more weather friendly in case of rain or snow. Each sole has our signature engraved at the back and offers maximum comfort to the wearer ensuring it is a hallmark of leather shoe that not only a comfortable fit but also an easy wear to last the day.

Norwegian Construction

Held under Norwegian construction which is also known as “Waterproof Welt”. It is used to prevent water from entering the shoes at the seam between the upper and the welt.

From us to you, a promise we intend to keep within every stitch of our shoe!

Our Chelsea Caviar was handcrafted exclusively for the practical man who likes to keep it real and embrace the minimalistic vibe.

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