Most to least formal leather shoes by Soulle Signature

Formality Meter

Most men think- a man is at the highest level of formal dressing so long as a suit and tie is involved! However, what determines your level of formality is based initially on your choice...

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Handmade formal leather loafer in US

A Closer Look into Our Best-Sellers: Loafers

Loafer Chestnut The key to looking sharp even on your casual days! Just as any other loafer, it sits comfortably under any semi-formal to casual attire without compromising any of its true aspects. A promise you’ll...

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Handmade Leather Derby

A Closer Look into Our Best-Sellers: Derby’s

The Tobacco Derby is handcrafted to perfection for the million dollar man with taste. These shoes are considered as the perfect concoction to bring out your inner gentleman. The Tobacco Derby keeps the true essence...

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Cleaning leather shoe

Leather Shoe Rescue!

One of the downsides of buying a genuine leather handcrafted shoe is the amount of effort it takes in order to preserve its original color, keep it from fading and maintain the same level of...

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Suede Loafer

Breaking the Stereotypes

The classics will always have a special spot in every man’s heart. With that being said; a specific shoe type is no longer reserved for a certain category. As 2019 has been making its way...

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Process of handcrafting shoes

History of Shoes

Oxfords Simply put; Oxford’s are an embodiment of the shoes of the God’s. Everyone has heard one of the stories; here we are demonstrating two! Here at Soulle Signature, you will come across a pair that...

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