Frequently Asked Questions about Soulle Signature's Shoes

What leather do you use in your shoes?

We use high grade full-grain calfskin leather paired with a buffalo leather sole.

Do you use different types of leather?

Our shoes are crafted only using whole-grain calfskin leather for the upper, and buffalo leather for our bottoms. However, we are working on adding variety of leathers such as; a line of sheep leather for suede loafers.

Where does your leather come from?

Our leather comes from the Eastern Asian settlements where our contractors provide us with different grades of leather. Such as, leather for loafers and softer shoes comes from lower altitude settlements.

If you use original leather, does it crease and wrinkle?

We use the finest quality of leather in the making of each pair of shoes. Yes, our shoes do crease and wrinkle and that is how you can be sure we use genuine leather. However, keeping this in mind we are working on providing a range of shoe care products. For more details visit our Care Guide.

You claim your shoes are handmade, are they truly 100% handmade?

Yes! Our shoes are 100% handmade. From the crafting of the upper all the way to the lasting of the sole; is all done by hand!

What construction method do you use?

Each shoe is crafted using a high gauge thread to attach the sole directly with the upper. This method is referred to as Blake Construction and is preferred for its lightweight nature.

Are your shoes comfortable for a long day at work?

As each of our shoes are handcrafted using genuine calfskin leather with a buffalo leather sole that is embedded with a cushioning insole. These are best for providing you with the comfort to stay on your feet all day.

Do you accommodate people with flat feet?

We provide our customers with the benefit of special instructions, from which their shoe can be crafted according to their requirement. Provided with the specifications, our crafters are able to add an arch in the insole to give your foot extra comfort for those with flat feet.

Can you increase the comfort level for a particular order?

Yes, we can accommodate but the options are very limited as of now. We may arrange for a more comfortable insole or line your shoe with another padding to ensure you get the luxurious feeling throughout the day.

Is the sole made of leather?

Our soles are constructed out of genuine leather to provide you with extra comfort. Alongside comfort, the shoe goes through proper testing in different circumstances to ensure the comfort for the wearer.

Does your shoe slip?

Each shoe has a handmade sole of leather with rubber slits at the bottom for traction. They are tested in various conditions to ensure the security of preventing one from slipping.

How can I prevent my shoes from damage?

We are currently working on a range of care products to help prevent and treat your shoes from any kind of damage. This line will include products like; shoe horns, shoe trees, polishes and waxes for a longer lasting effect. For more details visit our Care Guide.

How long does it take for my shoe to get here?

Our shipping time is 14 business days, but it could be delayed should any unfortunate event occur.

What if I order the wrong size? What is the return policy?

We accept returns if you are not satisfied due to the undesired crafting of the shoe and wish for a refund or exchange of a product. This is only applicable if the item is unused and with its complete original packaging. We will provide complimentary return shipping for all domestic orders within 30 days of the shipping date. For more details visit our Return Policy page.

My feet fall between two sizes, which one should I choose?

We have a wide range of sizes to choose from, you may opt for any of the middle sizes for a better fit; such as if your size falls between 7 and 8, we offer 7.5 as well. Also, you may refer to our size guide to understand how to measure your foot to be precise.

How do I ensure a perfect fit?

Soulle offers the option for exclusivity with the help of our ‘Special Instruction’ section. This section is for those who prefer a custom-fit shoe. It provides you with a guide on how to measure your foot to ensure the shoe crafted for you will be of perfect fit upon arrival.

Do you offer sizes other than the ones listed on the website?

We only offer sizes varying from 6-13.5. However, we do offer a range of wide and narrow size adjustments; that include D, B, 2E, 4E and 6E amongst the options listed on the side of each product.

How do I know which shoe matches best with my attire?

From businessman’s daily wear to a gentleman’s formal attire, Soulle Signature caters all with utmost perfection! For more information on how and where to wear your pair of shoes; visit our Style guide .

Why choose us over our competition?

We are one of the few brands, if not only, that produces 100% handcrafted leather shoes. Our shoes are made from genuine calfskin leather obtained from Eastern Asian Settlements. Every shoe undergoes a crafting process that has been passed down the generations. From the polishing using the palm of the hand, down to the the grinding of the sole using a shard of glass, every step in crafting the shoe is done by hand. Each shoe is exclusively crafted after the order is placed; from special sizes, adjustments and special instructions, it is an experience entirely tailored to the individual. To enhance your experience, we have a 24/7 live customer support to guide you throughout and provide you with assistance to find your perfect match.

Leave a Question?

If you have a question you are welcomed to write to us. We respond within 24-48 hours.