Handmade Leather Derby

A Closer Look into Our Best-Sellers: Derby’s

Tabacco Derby

is handcrafted to perfection for the million dollar man with taste. These shoes are considered as the perfect concoction to bring out your inner gentleman. The Tobacco Derby keeps the true essence of tradition and the classical feel intact as its smooth buttery finish makes itself at home under the perfect pair of pants! Each characteristic of the shoe adds up to the ideal representation of a shoe carved for the businessman who wants to always look on point; even after business hours!

Every shoe has a story to tell, and every man wants to make an appearance worth remembering. Let your shoes do the talking as they voice out their worth under any outfit!

The Design

With a timeless design held under blake construction for the classics lover; the Tobacco Derby is handcrafted beautifully to represent the man with taste for refinement! The carefully crafted symmetry and flawless round toe will balance out any outfit any day, making you look your best whether you are on or off duty. Shaded to utmost perfection with a hint of black amidst the alluring shade of brown, you are in for a treat with this one! Amongst all the other characteristics, as it provides every aspect required to look representable this derby is ideal for the days you need to spend most of your time on your feet. The padded insole and maximum comfort allows for you to always give your best at work without any compromise!


Handcrafted using 100% genuine calfskin, with a subtle finish using polishes to ensure rich colors, waxes for the perfect shine, and ironing to look aesthetically pleasing.

Blake Construction

With each shoe crafted using Blake construction to provide more flexibility and be more lightweight than the shoes constructed under Goodyear welting.


Each shoe has a pure leather sole with our signature engraved at the bottom, and a traction for durability that grabs the surface to decrease the chances of slipping.

Padded Insole

The insole provides the wearer with extra comfort to ensure the wearer can spend long hours wearing the shoes without feeling the slightest bit of discomfort.

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