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Leather Shoe Rescue!

One of the downsides of buying a genuine leather handcrafted shoe is the amount of effort it takes in order to preserve its original color, keep it from fading and maintain the same level of perfection. From the moment when you first got it, down to the moment when you feel it’s down to its final days we never quit shining our shoes to our heart’s content.

genuine leather handcrafted shoe

Another day at the office with a pair of beacons gleaming in your glory, you know in your heart that your effort to polish and shine your Derbies/Oxfords will last exponentially longer and will barely lose their crispness.

How do I Shine my Shoes?

How do I Shine my Shoes

First of all; make sure you dust off all the dirt from the surface with a brush before applying any form of wax, shoe cream or polish. And if the shoes are wet, dry them off naturally as any form of artificial heat applied will harden the leather and ultimately result in cracks.

keeping the leather fresh

Next with the help of an old ragged cloth, apply a thin layer of shoe cream all over the shoe and allow it to dry. This will nourish the shoe and make sure it won’t crack while keeping the leather supple and fresh.

Shoe cream

Pro Tip: Use a neutral or a similar color shoe cream to ensure you don’t damage the original color of your shoe.

Sheen in your shoes

After which you will begin the buffing process by rubbing a cloth gently or using a light brush to bring out a subtle sheen in your shoes. Making sure you thoroughly get into every part of the shoe, including the welts as these can be considered as tiny dust pockets that traps dust that requires regular brushing.

Shoe wax

Finally, apply a wax using a brush or a cloth while paying an intense amount of attention to the details of the shoe like the welt. As this method ensures a deep shine for your shoe, it will also create a protective barrier until the next time! Once it has set in, remove the excess with a cloth or simply brush it off with a vigorous motion to create that perfect shine you need to dazzle through the day wherever you go!

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